While most people with diabetes must take medication to control their blood sugar, two other very important elements to maintaining this disease are diet and exercise.

Eating a healthy diet shouldn’t be a daunting task so don’t let it stress you out. Instead, have fun with it. Try new recipes and see how creative you can get. Talk to other people who are living with the disease as well.

Exercising can be difficult to fit into your busy schedule but it is so important, not only if you are living with Diabetes, but for many other health reasons as well. To stay committed to a plan try finding a “buddy” to partner up with to go to the gym with or head out for daily walks, hikes, runs or bike rides with. Do you really struggle with working out? If so, think about what you enjoy doing that also gets you moving and make that your daily exercise. Perhaps it’s playing tennis or taking dance classes. It’s always easier to stick with a program if it’s something you enjoy doing.

Diabetes management can be a complex process, but understanding the basics of your medication, healthy dietary choices and appropriate regular exercise will provide a strong foundation for successful management of your diabetes throughout your life.


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