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Is There Self Test For Diabetes?

Sixteen million Americans have diabetes, yet many are not aware of it. African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans have a higher rate of developing diabetes during their lifetime. Diabetes has potential long term complications that can affect the kidneys, eyes, heart, blood vessels and nerves. In diagnosing diabetes, physicians primarily depend upon the results of […]

Diabetes Epidemic because of self-inflicted Obesity

One of the greatest contributors to the type 2 diabetes epidemic is reckoned to be obesity brought on by our modern lifestyles. Are you eating yourself into diabetes type 2? Check if you have these 4 eating habits that could contribute to obesity and possibly make you part of the type II diabetes epidemic… 1) […]

Coping with Diabetes

Every day, in the United States, more than 2,000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed. Type 2 diabetes, the most prevalent form of diabetes worldwide, often shows few or even no symptoms! After eating, food is broken down into what is known as glucose, a sugar carried by the blood to cells throughout the body. […]